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Heading Hacked by Master C.J. :)

Heading Hacked by Master C.J. :)..Edit

Master C.J. - One of the most dangerous and manipulative hackers in ToonTown History. His Channel on youtube is currently named "ToonTown Con". He is an aqua cat. He is extremely dangerous but had been forgotten after his disappearance. Although, recently he had reappeared on ToonTown Rewritten and ToonTown Next with green gloves. Although, he is rarely seen on ToonTown Next If you see him, record him to the ToonTown Rewritten Team. He is the leader of Team Chaos/Team RARE\Team Foe. and has created many exploits. He is the most wanted hacker during the 2012 - 2015 eras. He was said to be Freckleslam. Although, this has not been solidly confirmed. He had disappeared due to his recent arrest. Though, he had also been recently released from prison and still hacks ToonTown Rewritten. C.J. had also recently done the White Cat Hack. If you see any different colored Master C.J.s they are most likely a faker.

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